Questions about Kesäpassi?

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Answers to questions

Kesäpassi is free for its users.

  1. Create an account in Kesäpassi web application with a personal email address.
  2. After registering, confirm your account from the link in your email (Kesäpassi vahvistusviesti).
  3. Log in and enjoy the summer offers!


You can find a link to the Kesäpassi web application on the front page.

All devices

Kesäpassi is a web application, so it works without downloading and regardless of device in your web browser. The app is like any other website. You can find the link to the Kesäpassi app on the home page.


You can download the web application to the home screen of your android device. Go to the web app and open the browser menu (three dots) and click “Install application”.

Apple / iOS

On iOS devices, you can add the Kesäpassi to the home screen by going to the web app. Select the site sharing menu and click “Add to home screen”.

In the web application, scroll to the right coupon, and slide the slider at the bottom of the coupon to the other edge and then you see a confirmation message. Show the confirmation message to the seller and you will receive an offer.

You can change the password in the same way as if you forget your password.

If you are logged in, log out from the button in the menu. On the login page, go to “Forgot password?” -page where you can send a recovery link to your email to change your password.

The Kesäpassi 2023 campaign will run from 1.6. to 31.8.

In the middle of summer 17.7. some of the coupons will be replaced by another offer, which will expire the old offer.

Kesäpassi team support

If you did not find help with the questions and answers, you can contact the Kesäpassi team.

Send your message to and we will solve your problem with the entire Kesäpassi team!